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Our Mission

At KC Buffalo Co, we believe in providing our customers with the highest quality bison meat at the lowest cost. Our bison are raised in a natural environment, free from antibiotics and hormones. The result is rich and flavorful meat that is also packed with health benefits. 

We take pride in our animals and the services we provide to our customers. We invite you to come meet our bison and learn more about our products. Come visit us and discover the delicious, healthy, and affordable differences of KC Buffalo Co.


Brad and Jenna Batchelder

We have 4 kids, aging from 9 to 2 years. When we aren’t running to kids sports or at our “regular jobs,” we manage the bison company, as well as our beef company, Batchelder Family Farms.


Zak Elgin

Zak has been special education teacher for 15 years and is also a volleyball coach for the Belton School District. Involved in an accident in 2019, he lost his left leg; that hasn’t stopped him from doing anything. He’s an avid cyclist and is involved in multiple cycling competitions around the US!

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